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Check out the Ant Glizzy interview about the Diddy and Wale altercation involving Cassie.

This Diddy and Cassie situation is really bringing out all the truth that we been suspecting all these years. I have always had a gut feeling that the stuff people was saying had some strong truth to it because Diddy aka Brother Love comes off pervertic and creepish. He just seems so sneaky and cold. His narcissistic abilities show in the way he has messed over all his music artist financially throughout the decades and let us not forget how he treated those youngins on the reality show he had called "Making the Band". Check out what Ant Glizzy who is a DC rap artist affiliated with DC rap artist Shy Glizzy had to say about a eerie encounter he had in the studio years ago before Cassie was bwell known to the industry. This story is crazy and involes another DMV artist that is well known to many, Wale.

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