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Chris Brown Drops "Psychic" Video With Jack Harlow And Cassie

Directed By: Cameron Dean Executive Producer: Shayna Gianelli Producer: Michael Newman Label Producer: Camille Yorrick Chris Brown Manager: Anthony "Ant" Wilson Chris Brown Choreographer/Creative Director: Josh Smith Chris Brown Creative: Courtney Walter Chris Brown Stylist: Javon Drake Editor: Jacob Giessmann, Digital Sword Cinematography: Erin Wesley, Pablo “Saint" Lopez, Courtney Bennett VFX/Animation: Rick Lancaster, BlackhatVFX Jack Harlow Manager: Neelam Thadhani, Chris Thomas Jack Harlow Groomer: Lauren McCormack Starring: Cassie Cassie Manager: Brittany Hall Cassie Glam: Christopher “Tiger” Bautista, Rokael Cassie Choreographer: Rhapsody James

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