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Fetty Wap Gives His Fans a Shoutout from Prison.

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

“Ayo, yo, what’s good, man, you already know it’s your boy Fetty Wap 1738, you heard,” the rapper began.

“I just want to thank all the fans. You feel me? All the fans showing me love, sending all the reels and the stories and everything and all the tags, photos and everything like that you heard. You know I got my head up always, you know what I’m saying? Like never bent, never fold, I love y’all thank y’all for everything you know what I’m saying.” - Fetty Wap

Photo Source: DJ Akademiks Instagram Page
Wap posing with three other inmates.

Willie Junior Maxwell II better known as rapper Fetty Wap is from New Jersey. He gained great success with his debut single "Trap Queen" that was released in 2014 on his mixtape "Up Next". He also had two top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts titled "679" and "My Way" which was remixed and featured rapper Drake. He was born with glaucoma in both eyes in his younger years and ended up losing his left eye forcing him to replace it with an ocular protheses, also known as a false eye or glass eye. He was nicknamed

"Fetty" which is slang for money early within his music career and later added "Wap" as a tribute to the rapper Gucci Manes alias, Guwop.

He has had various other projects and major success throughout his career and is also a very gifted songwriter. He refers to his music as ignorant due to his unique combination of singing and rapping on his tracks. He is the father of six children, Aydin, Zaveiera, Khari, Amani, Lauren and Zen. he has a stepdaughter with his former girlfriend, the model Alexis Skyy. He has appeared on the shows Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and Love & Hip Hop: New York. He was married to model Leandra K. Gonzalez in September 2019, but they later divorced a year later. He also lost one of his daughters, Lauren in July 2021 due to unknown circumstances. He later married a woman named Lezhae Zeona but they divorced a short time afterwards in September 2022.

On October 29, 2021, at Citi Field in New York City, Fetty Wap was arrested and charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess controlled substances. He initially pleaded not guilty but later on August 22, 2022, he changed his plea to guilty and is now facing a minimum of 5 years in prison. "I agreed with other people to distribute cocaine,” he told the judge during his hearing in August 2022 before saying he was “guilty.” we will continue to follow this case and give updates on his outcome. I wish him much success and blessings as he goes through this difficult time. He is a very talented young man and I have much respect for his accomplishments.

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