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Rapper Jadakiss Brings 3 Generations of Coffee Excellence to the World with "Kiss Cafe Coffee"

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Jason Phillips also known as "Jadakiss" has a very articulate understanding of business and what the people want. He has never ceased to amaze us with his skills lyrically and professionally. He is already co-owner of a fresh-juice bar, "Juices for Life" launched in 2011 with his childhood friend Styles P. They both came up with the idea to make this move within they native state of New York after devoting to a healthier lifestyle to change the way they eat so they could start paying more attention to what they were putting into their bodies. Both of these talented and smart Yonkers natives who are two out of three members of the legendary Rap Group "The Lox" have showed they have a niche for the entrepreneurship game as well as the rap game. That business is still going strong and proceeding very well I must add.

(Pictured Above)
Jason "Jadakiss" Phillips, his father Bob Phillips & his son Jaewon Phillips

So, in October 2022, he did not fail to amaze us again alongside his father, Bob Phillips and his son Jaewon Phillips with the achievement of launching the new coffee brand "Kiss Cafe". See what gives a great twist to this particular brand is the fact that his father Bob has been in the coffee business since 1977 and since 1998, he has carried the title of President and CEO of "Caturra Corp" which specializes in the importing and trade of international green coffees. The logo pictured on the bag consist of three intertwined coffee beans. This was purposely meant to pay homage to the Phillips family and its long running and ongoing tradition of working within the lucrative coffee industry.

Kiss Cafe offers premium coffee, uniquely blended and produced with legacy and quality in mind.

For now, Kiss Cafe has presented us with its first medium-dark Arabica blend roast called 'Beijo' which translates to "kiss" in Portuguese. It is proudly sourced from Central America and comes in whole bean or ground options on the brands website The prices start at $14.99 and is creating quite a stir within the coffee world. This is genius marketing at its finest. "This coffee is for all coffee lovers, no specific age or background or knowledge. Coffee is a universal and personal thing. Everyone enjoys it differently and we are here to help them do that," Jadakiss said on a recent interview during a photoshoot dedicated to the long-awaited launch. His son, Jaewon added: "It's real. No gimmicks. It's been in our family for well over 40 years and everything we do is from the core." It is also an exciting plan in the near future for the family's announcement of the first group of retail partners they will be working with to expand the Kiss Cafe name. I commend this collaboration that extends within three generations, and I wish them much success with this.

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