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Rapper Takeoff from the Migos Shot Dead at the age of 28 in Houston, Texas

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

On November 1, 2022, Kirshnik Khari Ball who goes by the stage name Takeoff was shot and killed at 2;40 am CST. Two other people were shot in this senseless act of violence but as of now have survived. He was in attendance at a craps game that was being held outside the 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, Texas along with his group mate Quavo which is his nephew. Quavo was not injured during the tragic event, but it has been reported that he was the one involved in the craps game that led to the shooting. Witnesses have said that Takeoff was just standing nearby and got caught up in the situation after an altercation had ensued over the game and some arguments between Quavo and some Houston people that were around at the time. He was hit in the head and torso unfortunately after shots rang out shortly after. It's being reported that it was two possible shooters and that he possibly was accidently shot by his bodyguard along with another shooter. He died on the scene. Videos have been going around showing images of his body and Quavo calling out for help immediately afterwards. This just is so heartbreaking and disturbing at the same time that people could not even respect that his family would be devastated, and it is just unempathetic to put that on social media devastating the family and fans even more.

Takeoff was a laid back and reserved young man. He has been widely known too many to have been the most reserved and chill of the legendary rap trio known as "The Migos" and he was a phenomenal beat maker and song writer as early as the seventh grade. He and the other two members of the group, Quavious Keyate Marshall aka Quavo and Kiari Kendrell Cephus aka Offset, were all from Gwinnett County, Georgia., He started producing professionally in 2011 which was three years after the Migos first stepped on the mainstream scene. It has been a very successful road for this talented group since the release of several mixtapes which were originally released under, they former name, "YRN" which stood for "Young Rich Niggas" They first big hit was "Versace" which appeared on they third mixtape "Y.R.N" in 2013 and was remixed by rapper Drake. The group was also at one time named "Polo Club" earlier in they career. They debut studio album was released in 2015 and featured a host of popular artist such as Chris Brown. They often worked with major producers Zaytoven and Murda Beatz.

Takeoff released a solo album in 2018 named "The Last Rocket" with Quality Control, Capitol Records and Motown. I love that title because the word takeoff is defined as "the action of becoming airborne". It spoke volumes about his whole persona and personality. Him and his nephew Quavo were recently at odds with the third member Offset due to rumors over disloyalty within the group. The two had branched off on they own and had just put out they recent album, "Only Built for Infinity Links" released on October 7, 2022, as a duo without Offset. They had just presented the rap world with they first single from the new album called "Messy" In early October and the video was released just a few days ago. They recently were asked during an interview on the hit show "Drink Champs" hosted by rapper Noreaga if it would ever be a Migos reunion and they were quoted as saying, "If the price is right." Unfortunately, we will never get to see this happen and it is just a very sad situation. Takeoff also said on the show after being asked if this was his time to step out with this new album and do more in the spotlight and he responded, "It's time for me to get my flowers, give me my flowers now while I am still here." I really hope that Offset and Quavo can put aside they differences and bring the legacy back together for the sake of the group and as a remembrance to Takeoff.

{I will be adding more to this article as information is confirmed and I will also be updating this article with more Migos info and photos.}

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